Auction Action

A selection of some of my exciting auctions and other events

Prior to moving to Australia, Allan was a public figure in New Zealand and known as ‘The Celebrity Auctioneer’ for his work as a professional Master of Ceremonies, Charity Auctioneer and Fashion Event organiser.

He has helped raise money for many Charities big and small across the community including raising funds for sick children requiring expensive off-shore surgery, children welfare groups, animal welfare organisations like the New Zealand Cat Foundation and endangered species, Local and National Sporting Organisations including Paralympics NZ.

He has worked alongside media Celebrities and has assisted with advice in the organisation of the Events where required.

He sees the Charity Auction field as his way to contribute to the community. He believes the performance and entertainment element of Auctioneering as crucial to the success of the eventing and customises the Auction for the audience from a more formal approach to auctioneering walking the floor.

In the formal setting of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Club with Master of Ceremonies Television Celebrity Miriama Kamo.

Paralympics New Zealand Fund Raiser & Charity Auction with Television personality Simon Dellow being the Master of Ceremonies and attended by the then Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister.

In the more fun and Avant Garde setting at the New Zealand Cat Foundation Champagne Ladies annual Ball with Dame of Champagne Anne Batley-Burton where he assisted in the organisation, hosting and was the guest Auctioneer.

More Auction Action:

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